About Gong Jheng Elementary School


Gong Jheng Elementary School has established benchmarks in the
fields of martial arts, gymnastics, dance, string music, and
bilingualism. We promoted the transformation of campus
aesthetics with the concept of campus as a museum.
We are full of curiosity and motivation, love to explore, eager to
learn, and passionate about life, and welcoming to children to join
our family regardless of where they come from.
Founded to adapt the rapid increase in the population of school-aged school
children in Luodong Town, Gong Jheng Elementary School is one of the most
iconic schools in Yilan area.
With the missions of uniqueness, universality and unity, we create a rich and
diverse learning environment. Our students have won numerous awards in
various fields including martial arts, gymnastics, dance, music, Youth Invention
Exhibition and language.
Through teaching, research, and innovation, Gong Jheng pursues to build a
learning paradise full of diversity and creativity, suitable for children to explore
creative ideas.

Plan view of the campus, with a glimpse of Dunpin Building

Key Facts

Incorporated ——————————————-1949
Motto —Health, Happiness, Innovation, Excellence
Location ——————LuoDong Town, Yilan County.
Size ————————————————–5.7 acres
Playing fields ————————————-1.04 acres
Publicly sited works of art —————————–10+
Admissions (Class of 2028)
Applicants ————————————————-261
Selected Honors
National competition winners ——————————————-9
County competition winners ——————————————–12
National Medal of dance competition winners ———————-2
National Medal of gymnastics competition winners—————-2
National Medal of Athletics and Martial Arts winners ————-2
National Medal of art competition winners ————————–2
County Medal of Youth Invention Exhibition winners ————–1
County Medal of music competition winners————————-3

Extinguished alumni
Tang Jiahong ———-2020 Tokyo Olympics gymnastics men’s individual 7th place
Li Zhikai ——2020 Tokyo Olympics gymnastics men’s pommel horse silver medal
Zhao Shaokang ————- Politician, Media Person, Current Affairs Commentator
Wu Xuansan ——————————————————————————–Painter
Chow Chow ———————————————————————————–Artist

a. In January 1981, the teaching building was completed.
b. Multiple learning spaces are an integral part of Gong Jheng.

Community (as of 8/30/22)

Teachers and assistants —————-175
Students ———————————-1,490
student-to-faculty and instructional staff ratio 8.5:1

a. Professional division and cross-border collaboration promotes exquisite teaching quality.
b. In 1971, Gong Jheng established special education classes for the disabilities and the gifted.


For Gong Jheng’s faculty — just over 175 in number — professional division and
cross-border collaboration are the cornerstones of education. They play a vital role in
shaping Gong Jheng’s vibrant campus community—they have their own specialties,
and their classes are well-structured according to their expertise.
For a long time, Gong Jheng has maintained exquisite teaching quality when
students’ learning efficiency has been recognized and praised by parents. Not only
has it achieved extraordinary achievements in various fields, but also has more than
30 clubs to provide students with experience of exploration and success.

a. 2021 National Competitive Gymnastics Championships.
b. Martial arts club public performance.



Gong Jheng’s 15th president, August 2023 – present  TING,CHIN-TIEN


LuoDong Town, Yilan County.

Gong Jheng is an integral part of its host city of LuoDong, the smallest township in
Taiwan, yet has the highest population density in the entire city. Which is also a
prosperous industrial and commercial town in Yilan County.
With a campus nestled in the center of Luodong, Gong Jheng is optimally positioned
to collaborate with its neighbors and to contribute to its community. It has been the
most populous public elementary school in the county since the 1960s. At the same
time, Gong Jheng is also the filming location of the 2005 movie “Jump! Boys”.